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Wooden Acrylic Sensory Blocks

Wooden Acrylic Sensory Blocks

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Wooden Acrylic Sensory Blocks 

Building with our Rainbow Blocks isn't just playtime, it's an opportunity for kids to flex their creativity and inquisitive nature. These blocks encourage children to explore basic math concepts, such as shape, balance, and size differentiation, while they build and select the perfect block for their creation.

The learning doesn't stop there, though! As they continue to play and construct, children can witness the colours change and light refract through the transparent acrylic inserts, casting a kaleidoscope of colourful shadows.

  • Set of 24 wooden blocks with transparent, coloured acrylic inserts
  • Made from durable plywood
  • 6 different shapes - squares, rectangles, semi-circles and right angled triangles
  • 4 transparent colours - pink, blue, green, yellow

Please understand that this product is handmade, and even though the creators make every effort to create only the best, blemishes and imperfections may be seen.

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When you purchase from Ohh Dante, our promise is to donate percentages directly to child focused organisations, charities, and families who need a little extra help along the way.