LIVE YOUR LIFE, Fletcher & Leah.

LIVE YOUR LIFE, Fletcher & Leah.

Mel and Stephen with children

Live your life.

To Mel this is more than a saying, her husband Stephen shares, to grasp the reality of potential missed opportunities, however for everyone else that is not struggling, you should take advantage of every situation and most importantly live your life!

The reality is illness does not discriminate. Even though Ohh Dante was born to support little humans battling cancer, there are many ways in which this disease will touch our children in other challenging ways particularly when a parent is battling this life threatening disease.

For those who don't know Mel, her story is one of bravery, grace and love. She has been fighting this disease intermittently for several years, all while raising her two beautiful young children, Fletcher and Leah, as well as being a dedicated wife to Stephen.

Mel’s diagnosis was triple negative breast cancer, it then metastasized to her lungs, bones and brain, and even though mortality is real for us all, when there is a definitive understanding of the timeline, especially when cut short, it feels all too real that this world, at times, can be unfair.

Ohh Dante is a dedication to serving the little humans of this world. The ones who may lose parents, siblings or friends all too soon and have to learn to process complex emotions at a time when they're unable to comprehend the gravity of the situation at its total capacity. Even though the concept of children's toys may seem simple, the simplicity in the activity of play is sometimes the aid to overwhelming emotions felt by the littles of this world.

To Fletcher and Leah in the midst of everything, as you grow older you will find moments of solace and hope. Only you two will ever know your mum inside and out, you will seek comfort in the company of loved ones, and you will be the keepers of all that your mum has ever taught you. You will carry love and wisdom with you, and mum will always be a part of you.

And, finally, to Mel, you are one incredible woman. You have touched so many people, and your essence will live on through the memories of those lucky enough to have shared them with you. For your family, particularly your two young children, the Ohh Dante community is here in any way, shape or form; this struggle is not felt alone.

As spring comes our way, remember to smell the flowers a little more throughout the days. Let sunshine kiss your eyelids, and take deep breaths to remind yourself that you're grounded. For those that go into this next season with struggle, fight and heavy hearts, know we're here with you.

We ask at this time you refrain from messaging Mel and her family personally. Keeping the outside noise to a minimum is what will serve best at this time. Stephen has shared some useful resources and charities that have assisted the family at this time,


Resources for children

  • The Invisible String – by Patrice Karst
  • My love for you is everywhere – by Racha Mourtada
  • Love from Above – by Mikhailla Fitzgerald


And remember, live your life.

Ohh Dante.

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