My name is Dante

My name is Dante

Ohh Dante, a phrase coined by the many nurses that would ring through the doorway as they entered his hospital room. Despite being sick at the time, Dante could always brighten up the room with his bright and infectious energy. 


Dante’s beginning to life was different to other infants. Dante was diagnosed with a rare paediatric cancer when he was nearing five months old. We would be housed at the children’s hospital in Sydney for the next seven months. 


At this time, the most prominent thought that came to mind was that children have struggles too, just like us adults, and how can I find a way to make the life of children with medical or special needs a little brighter?


At Ohh Dante, we aim to provide all children with the ability to learn, grow and thrive, whether they are healthy little people, children with developmental challenges or others with a little more complexity behind them.


We are here to guide parents to think about the products we give to our children and how this can improve their development, fine motor, problem-solving or speech. This ensures children learn and grow with quality items that provide fun and functional use. 


This also means low, tox, BPA free and steering away from all the nastiest found in products today where we can. 


When you purchase from Ohh Dante, you will directly contribute to my mission to help those in need, and the percentage of purchases will be given to the vulnerable population. This includes donating items to the children in hospital and children with special needs and support to the parents who carry a load of these struggles every day. 

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